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A pure Angular and Typescript landing page with minimal design and feel. Angular Landing page is built with angular material, flex layout and angular CLI. Each page section is composed of its own HTML, SCSS and ts files, organized in its own directory and So it’s easy to customize and reuse.

IMPORTANT: It’s not a regular HTML landing page. It’s built with Angular.

Angular Landing Features


Angular Landing gives you full control of customization. A developer friendly landing template which gives you clean code and excellent code structure.

Regular update

Get unlimited future updates on purchase. Angular Landing will be up to date with future angular versions.

Git Repository

Access git repository and keep an eye on update process and changes. Submit issues and get better support, request new features and most up voted request will be implemented.

Full responsive (Powerful Flex layout)

Angular landing is compatible for any device. Flex layout makes everything is much easier. To define Grid size, gutter width(Gap) and breakpoints you just need to bind property to elements.

Angular material

High quality angular material design elements are used. Buttons, Cards, Inputs are heavily used in Angular Landing.

Multiple Versions

Alternative versions of sections included for different purpose of usages. More landing page template sections and versions are coming soon.

Sass support

Styles are written in scss files. You can import your own or third party style files to template easily.

Pure Angular

Angular landing is a composition of pure angular components written in pure typescript. CSS frameworks like Bootstrap and Javascript library like jQuery are not used.

Scroll to navigation

One page style navigation. Reusable directive srollTo=”elementID” allow you to use that feature anywhere in the template.

Pricing Tables

Pricing tables for your pricings and plans


Carousels are made with @ngu/carousel, a pure angular carousel package.