Wedlock – Exposition (Promo Disc 2)

  1. Elizabeth
  2. ME Mood Elevators
  3. Blacksundress (Hagiphonic)
  4. JBRMX_Unarmed Splice/Unarmed
  5. DM Disco Murder
  6. Vocalise
  7. Reference Mix = Rev. Ady
  8. Collusion, Too?
  9. Still Unsatisfied
  10. Bait & Switch (CBW)

Wedlock (known as 105 Deckowls outside North America) is an electro-pop act revolving around singer/songwriter and founding member Paul Allgood. Allgood and programmer Jeff Hathaway started the band in 2004 in Virginia, releasing 2 EPs (Matrimony and Cuts Both Ways) before Allgood relocated to North Carolina. There, Allgood began a new incarnation of Wedlock with keyboardist Jonathan Kidder, bassist Kirk Bryson, and a series of drummers. Their debut full-length, Exogamy, appeared in 2008 but took a year or so to catch on, with their single “Black Sundress” ultimately landing in Amazon’s Top Ten for digital downloads in the spring of 2009. The follow-up, Continuity, was released that fall with yet another lineup behind Allgood. The band also produced an EP for singer Bryanna Rain and released another EP, Witnesses, before a hiatus in 2010.

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Ady DeeJay



Project date

21 May 2019

Project location

Venus, TX, USA