Wedlock – Exposition (Promo Disc 1 – DeFacto)

  1. Cuts Both Ways
  2. Killing Is Easy
  3. Unsatisfied
  4. Discopharma
  5. Rev. Charisma
  6. Black Sundress
  7. Allegiance… WTF?!
  8. Blameless?
  9. World Machine (Universal)
  10. Addition By Subtraction
  11. Octagon
  12. Witnesses
  13. S.T.
  14. Following (Demo)
  15. B+C (Demo)

Wedlock (known as 105 Deckowls outside North America) is an electro-pop act revolving around singer/songwriter and founding member Paul Allgood. Allgood and programmer Jeff Hathaway started the band in 2004 in Virginia, releasing 2 EPs (Matrimony and Cuts Both Ways) before Allgood relocated to North Carolina. There, Allgood began a new incarnation of Wedlock with keyboardist Jonathan Kidder, bassist Kirk Bryson, and a series of drummers. Their debut full-length, Exogamy, appeared in 2008 but took a year or so to catch on, with their single “Black Sundress” ultimately landing in Amazon’s Top Ten for digital downloads in the spring of 2009. The follow-up, Continuity, was released that fall with yet another lineup behind Allgood. The band also produced an EP for singer Bryanna Rain and released another EP, Witnesses, before a hiatus in 2010.

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Ady DeeJay



Project date

18 September 2018

Project location

Venus, TX, USA