TURN Michigan BLUE – Civil Rights 101


This video reviews the history of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and teaches you how to document your experiences, in order to better advocate for yourself to human resources personnel, an attorney, or a government agency. We explain the basics components of protected characteristics, perception, the reasonable person standard, and to spot the three types of discrimination cases: retaliation, intentional discrimination, and unintentional discrimination. Civil rights violations happen everyday, you’ll gain the knowledge you need to provide relevant details of your experience. You will also learn how to respond appropriately to civil rights complaints in organizations that you manage.


This video was originally part of a presentation at Facing Race Conference, Saturday, November 11, 2018 at Cobo Hall.

Client review

Ady DeeJay is the best video editor in the world. When the people of Flint needed to express their suffering from tainted water, it was Ady DeeJay who stepped up to assist people in the United States suffering from lack of democracy and clean water. He not only gave his time, energy and bountiful creativity, at a most pivotal and gut wrenching moment, he lent his talent to share the plight of suffering Americans with the rest of America, and the world so that they’re suppressed voices might be heard, and so that they might eventually see change. It has taken many years to fix the water pipes in Flint, and bring the light of hope again. Yet, I know the talent of Ady DeeJay was a spark in the darkest moments which helped light our way to today. As an American, I am forever grateful.

~ Tammy Barbour (wellnessworx12)

As President of the Turn Michigan Blue organization and the Cherrylawn Block Club, I want to give thanks to Ady DeeJay for helping bring music and images together with his beautiful video editing to keep the Great Lakes, which are 20% of earth’s water, clean , pure and blue.

~ Herman Davis

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Ady DeeJay


Tammy Barbour

Project date

4 August 2018

Project location

Michigan, USA