Raggs Gustaffe – Lips on You (Official Video)

This song “Lips On You” Featuring Raggs Gustaffe, written and produced by R. Sonny Cole of 100ProofInc. is the story of Two best friends of the opposite sex who have so much in common they just groove in every way….finally for the first time in their long history they are free of relationships for the first time at the same time and while out doing their usual weekend partying …began to catch feeling for each other in a slow dance on the dance floor…and because they wish not to loose the great friendship and support they provide each other…decided to look the other way…but the fate of a great bond would not let that be…and finally they yield to higher power of love. Thanks to DJ Ady of Romania for this masterful video and the mix-master Brian Lash of BLash Studios Bellevue WA.

Project details


Ady DeeJay


Sonny Cole Production

Project date

6 January 2018

Project location

Seattle, Washington, USA