Panama Scarrett & Raggs Gustaffe – Trouble A Come

Every day around us the tragedy that befalls the homeless and street kids happens..yet we walk or drive right by proof..but just push it aside as one single incident..we have been programmed to disregard it..that will never happen to me and mine..I am a working class responsible person..I am sure most of them though the sane thing..and the kids caught up..can only rely on animal instinct..because most have no chance at an common sense. Much thanks to DJ Ady who went above and beyond in compiling the footage in this video. “Trouble A Come” written and Produced by R. Sonny Cole. Available on iTunes, listen on Spotify.

Project details


Ady DeeJay


Sonny Cole Production

Project date

1 January 2018

Project location

Seattle, Washington, USA