Nicole A. Jones – Would You Still Love Me

Voice: Élan Noelle

Verse 1
If I’ve made some mistakes;
Or fell from Your grace;
Or turned and walked away;
Would You still love me?

Verse 2
If my life is such a mess;
And my heart is such a wreck;
And I’m no longer my best;
Would You still love?

Verse 3
If I am filled with guilt and shame;
And I am only the blame;
And I call upon Your name;
Would you still love

Verse 4
You say with such confidence;
That You’re a God of a second chance;
And that You’ll hold me in Your hands;
And show me what Love is.

Project details


Ady DeeJay


Nicole A. Jones Music Group

Project date

5 October 2017

Project location

Woodbridge, Virginia, USA