Laptop and Bass – Tropicana

The main concept we had to film it is Ruby Dubes waking up on the grass, singing the first rap, than I join in to busk on the street and we jump in the train, we’re he does the first part of the second and than I do my bit. than we go outside the train with the fans asking for autographs and finish walking together on the little bridge.

but feel free to workout any insert arrangement with the videos cause you definitively have a better idea of how they will link on each other on your screen.

Ah, also yesterday on the voice recording session we inserted a COUNT DOWN right before the INTERLUDE 1. I’ve made a footage of me miming the numbers and can draw the number (from 10 to 1) and send to you as PNG so u can insert over somehow. could be interesting.

LABS – jan/2018

Reuben Chandler
Bruno Mestriner

Woke up and I’m looking around,
i’m feeling cold out here,
butt’s on the ground,
words for a pound,
and i say it on repeat,
spare me some change mans got to eat,
traffic on the street ain’t going know where,
my lungs bleed from the air,
but they don’t care,
i sparked up the flare,
telling everyone we are coming oh yeah, YEAH!

Here i am now,
i’m on a mission,
it’s breakfast time,
perfect condition,
to fantasy about what i really want,
A fry up, the works, sitting at the front,
washing it down with a little harbor rum,
I feel strong
the day is long,
i need every bit of help,
to get me through the morning until i fade around 12,


Hold up now,
wait a minute,
you got green,
i got spirit,
London’s home,
and i am british,
i need the sunshine,
and all that comes with it,
growth, vibez, a lot of exercise,
i’m alive,
revitalised for my next chapter,
i ain’t hanging around so me see you later.

You might think we’re crazy but you just don’t know,
we bring a handful of summer everywhere we go.
from the east to the west, present past and so,
even christmas when he says Ho Ho Ho.
Your Fake white beard means nothing to me,
although colorful lights are aways good to see.
I’ve come from a hot country where no one drinks tea
and at new year’s the beach is the place to be

But now reality has changed and I’ve got to move on,
packing up again to find a new place to call home.
Had a family before, big respect, but that is done!
Just landed in a city where everyone rides alone.
In they own little word full of this and that,
digging newspapers as it is the only facts,
same news they used as paper to wrap,
these oily fish n’ ships kindda good even bad!

Easy to get lost in a see of people underground,
but funny enough is right here where we have found
A new path for a front line that you know for time has been around.
We’re no longer Citizens, but always up for the Sound.

Project details


Ady DeeJay



Project date

2 February 2018

Project location

London, UK