Fractal was is a project formed by two great musicians: Catherine (ex & Ady DeeJay (ex We started this project in January 2004 after almost 4 years of activity in this big Internet music community.

Our collaboration was is based on a strong relationship and hard work. For the moment the only way to stay in touch is the Internet (email, ICQ, MSN). Sometimes we’ve lost days and nights on dial-up, but having a great appetite for music has made it all worthwhile. We already made wonderful tracks together. This project will be a start for some other projects we have in mind. We hope to have better exposure and achieve our goals.

Please keep in mind that we do music from our hearts. We do: love, sensual, spiritual, danceable, very catchy songs. We started with passion and the passion keeps our spirits alive.

We thank to all our fans, friends and family for their support!

Fractal-Music . com aka Catherine & Ady DeeJay

Press release :

     “A trance excursion between two worlds, two minds and the early adoption of today’s modern technology, “Fractal” aka Catherine and Ady DeeJay, have finalized their production style and it’s filled with lushous, sensual vocals, nostalgic piano passages – perfect for intense home listening and alternative dance floors.”’s Editors’s Editors PICK – WEEK 27, 2004

Inside Fractal :

    I met Ady DeeJay online… years ago…
I was doing a search on the Internet for vocals for remixing on, and the search turned up his name and website.
So, I went and checked it out – This was in the days of’s HEYDAY (2000) and he was doing very well on the charts, I might add! – I was very very impressed ! His music was great AND he was generous to offer vocals to other remixers! Wow! What a find!? 🙂
I did a remix of his song “Reality” with his vocals and he did one of “Dream” using mine! Many more tracks followed. This resulted in strong interest from several labels and deals in the works. We enjoyed collaborating so much that we decided to form a project. And here it is :

:: F R A C T A L ::

   So that was the start of a great relationship. Though we live exactly 6465 (10404 km) miles away, we’ve stayed in constant touch thanks to the Internet. Since the first time we’ve met – we’ve collaborated on many songs and each one has its own place in our hearts… Hope they find a place in yours as well. 🙂


We thank you in advance for all your comments and suggestions. Leave them here. Feedback is very important for us.

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