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    • July 31, 2008 at 1:09 am
      Powerful euro-trance using Catherine's vocals.
      It's kinda euro-dance including also ambient parts, combined with Cat's voice worked with Antares effects; so the style is what I call it: Dance 2 Trance. Enjoy! :)
      BTW: U can find the extended trance version here, also! Lyrics:
      Fallin Apart
      At the seams
      You look so fragile
      In my dreams
      Fading in and out of sight
      Just close your eyes
      And hold me tight

      Are you here
      For the view
      Look around its nothing new
      You look so frail
      Dressed in rags
      Skin so Pale
      Take my hand

      I thought of you
      I thought of things
      We could do
      I saw your face
      Fading in and our of place

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