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    • Ady DeeJay
      July 30, 2008 at 1:23 am
      Well ... what can I say ...? My first time in Germany ... new country ... new people (very nice!!! - even I've heard something else before) ... new habits (they are eating so much ... wow..) ... etc.
      Finally, 99% happy, except 1%, which is: the little time I spent there - I wish for more ... Well that's it :) New friends also: Brunhilde, Svea, Jurgen & Markus are the most wonderful people I ever met in my life. This is not tipical german you know ? but they were great. Thank you again for your help & hospitality! ...
      But! ... the most impressive thing I saw in Germany is The Autobahn!!! Funny isn't it? You're laughing now, I know ... but this is a serious thing ... Well, most of all, there you must be very careful while driving your car, no speed limits, new driving regulations for me ... Was really amazing and scary too ...
      This is what I felt after ~5300 Km I've made durring this trip to Groß-Biberau/Germany.
      Enjoy the need for speed! :)

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